Board of Directors

The board of the Calgary Chapter of the Canadian Marketing Association is elected annually and is comprised of Calgary business professionals. Your current board of directors includes the following professionals:

Jim Carter
The Client
(403) 619-2786
Director of Media & PR
Brian French
Where Magazine
Director of Venues
Kevin Gardner
Canada Post Corporation
(403) 974-2081
Director of Marketing
Scott Taylor
(403) 613-2221
Director of Events
Angus Smith
Action Insurance Group
(403) 457-1000 ext 113 business
Director of Membership
Mahrukh Tahir
Director of Interactive Media
Matt Toupin
(403) 630-9763
Vanessa Sikora
(403) 650-0698
Director of Strategic Alliances
Cidnee Stephen
Strategies for Success
(403) 212-0099
Doug Lacombe, MBA
(403) 474-4251
Randy Corbett
Canada Post Corporation
(403) 974-2504
Vice President/Director-at-Large
Conn Nicoll
(403) 809-7540